Do you ever feel as if your cookie is about to crumble?


Parenting is the world’s toughest job, yet most parents go into it without the tools and training they need to succeed.

Many parents do not have their own parents nearby to support them, so it’s easy to start to crumble.

That’s where Practical Parenting at My Grandma’s House comes in.

It’s a place for parents to get the loving help and support they need to build relationships and homes.

All for FREE…just like Grandma’s cookies and hugs!

Practical Parenting consists of 18 regular, interactive, cyclical classroom sessions with topics such as Communication, Empathy, Anger, Age-Appropriate Expectations, Children’s Love Languages, Discipline, and Child Sexual Abuse.

We are located at:

Naomi Baptist Church, 4171 East Highway 136, LaFayette, GA 30728

For more information, call (423) 503-5840 or (706) 638-6863